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July 24th 2002

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It’s a known saying that you cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs and that surely is the case with the contractors at present laying waste to our river while creating a new sewage scheme for the town and environs. That is fine - we have to presume that they will not only return the Eske to the way it was, they will leave it better, creating more attractive bank landscaping and flood protection.

But having said that, does anyone actually know what the finished article will look like? Has any local organisation or residents group found out the actual parameters to which the scheme will extend? Has our Community Chamber seen the definitive plan and an artistic impression of how the project will look when completed? Is there any plan to create a public facility over the pipeline structure? Do we know how long the total contract will take? Is there a Council engineer overseeing to protect our interests? Is the Donegal Town Enterprise Group paying attention?

It’s possible the answer to all these questions is yes - we, the people, just don’t know. Maybe somebody who does, Council, contractor, Chamber, residents group, whoever, would communicate with Donegal Times. Give us the information and we will pass it to the local population.

Disturbance and disruption are part and parcel of a contract of this magnitude and our people know this. However, we would like to be reassured that when the job is complete we will not only have a clean water river and bay, but also an amenity that is as visually attractive as befits the most important asset this town possesses.

No Bother to Martin

Inver man Martin McHugh linked up with ‘Neighbours’ star Dione when they met at a function in Melbourne.

At the School Disco, run by the staff of The Blueberry, to raise funds for the Cancer Support Group, in the Salmon Inn, Mullinasole, were Jonathan Kennedy, Michelle McLoughlan, Noreen Martin, Carmel Martin, Stephanie Byrne, Caroline Martin.

Local girls to represent county in prestigious competitions

Two girls from the locality, Bridgeen Carr and Aisling McGlynn, will represent Co. Donegal in national festivals in the coming weeks; Bridgeen in the Mary from Dungloe contest which runs from July 27th - 4th August and Aisling in Maid of the Mourne competition taking place in Warrenpoint, Co. Down from 4th-10th August.

Bridgeen is a 21 year old student of human resource management in Portobello College, Dublin.

She has just completed her year of work placement in St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin, and will be entering her final year in October. Bridgeen is a daughter of Thomas and Anne Carr, Milltown. She is currently working in Harvey’s Point Country Hotel as a receptionist. She has a keen interest in music and Gaelic Football and spends her spare time playing for Four Masters and singing at weddings. Bridgeen says that it is an honour for her to represent Co. Donegal in this international festival.

Aisling is daughter of Connell and Noreen McGlynn, Doonan, Donegal Town. At 21, she is a third year student of Letterkenny Institute of Technology and is currently working as a tour guide in Donegal Castle.

Bridgeen Carr

Aisling McGlynn

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