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August 28th 2002

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And Another Thing... by J.R.

And Another Thing:

It’s nearing the end of August and we are on the verge of looking into the jaws of winter. Not a pleasant prospect, especially as we’ve had the poorest of summers. There will be many, many people counting the cost of the tourist season and of course the farmer has been badly hit. On top of that now is the news that we are going to lose one of the major shops at the Clar Road roundabout. Isn’t it just amazing that one person from An Bord Pleanala, an unknown to most of us, can make a decision that will affect the way we live. He, and apparently only he, can decide what’s best for us and he is not even from the area. I had to smile to myself when I read his report where he said that the planned outlets for the Clar Road would have a bad effect on the town centre. Maybe someone should send him on a copy of the Donegal Democrat where we read that it is the huge rent that is causing many to pack their bags in the town centre, long before a sod was turned at Drumlonagher. Let him explain why seemingly, it’s much better to let potential shoppers go to Letterkenny and Sligo rather than have them come anywhere near Donegal Town. Where do they get these people from anyway?

And Another Thing:

I’m writing this in a hurry as usual and packing my couple of belongings at the same time in preparation for my visit to the All Ireland Fleadh Ceol in Listowel in Co. Kerry. Bobby is flying in from London and I pick him up at Shannon. I have taken the necessary steps to ensure that the same fate doesn’t befall us as last year where we had to spend a night trying to sleep in the car. Many months ago, I booked B & B in that town, fearful that I would have to endure another night listening to him snore. As well as that, my back hasn’t been right since, for no matter which way I moved or turned there was some object driving into my back with all its might. Anyhow, we are looking forward to a bit of music and maybe a small drop of Jameson, if there is any left by the time we get there.

And Another Thing:

Many times on these pages, it has been pointed out that I’m not a very sporting person. Some even went further and said I knew NOTHING about sport. That be as it may, I’m still wondering just what makes a GAA referee tick? How does he decide what is too rough a tackle and what is not? How does he know when to issue a yellow or red card? Do the same rules apply to every county and, if so, how come the referee who sent off the Kerry captain in a club match has had to change his decision in order to let the Kerry captain play in the big game. I strongly suspect that this unfortunate referee had been ‘got at’ in some shape or form, and surely it must send out the wrong message to everyone connected with the game. Maybe some of the more sporting intellectuals who have taken me to task in the past might give us an explanation as to whether the referee is the boss during a match or not - or is it the county board or others, who might like to influence a decision one way or another?

And Another Thing:

Staying with sport, I see where some select pieces of Roy Keane’s book are being leaked to the press. It does not make pleasant reading, but it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Roy Keane is not a very nice person, exactly what I have suspected for some time. Any sportsman who would go out to deliberately injure an opponent in such a savage way, needs seeing to. And to think that there were grown men and woman crying for this gurrier a couple of months ago because he had to be sent home. I wonder what do they think of their golden boy now? Mind you, genius and all that he is supposed to be, he hasn’t done much for Manchester United this season so far, and here we were being told that, had he been allowed to play, Ireland might well have won the world cup. Imagine that!

And Another Thing:

As we all get that wee bit older, I think we are more inclined to take stock of life. The most talked about subject this year was undoubtedly the weather. Several people would hark back to the bible for some sort of explanation. “It says in the Bible”, they would begin, their brows furrowed with wisdom, “That the seasons would change and no one would be able to tell the difference”. If indeed that this is the case, how come the seasons are exactly the same as they always were in other parts of the world. England, France, Spain, Portugal etc. have enjoyed the same sort of weather since Tibs Eve. Surely this passage from the Bible wasn’t written especially for the North West of Ireland. I Don’t believe it!

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