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November 13th 2002

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The Way Ahead

With the council’s office and retail development at Drimlonagher advancing rapidly and the water and sewerage scheme moving on a further stage, Donegal is set to climb up the hierarchy of infrastructurally secure towns, ready and able to welcome commercial, service and manufacturing industry into its environs. When you add to these projects the long awaited Keeney development at Revlin, Michael Kelly’s plans for the old cinema site and the Enterprise Group’s ambitions to create a new marina and tourism project down at the Quay, it all adds up to an exciting and productive future for Donegal town and surrounding area.

The passing by the Council of the Retail Strategy for the county last month, with Donegal Town designated Tier 2 - a major centre - cannot be overstated as an impetus to attracting outside investment. But there is still a lot required to turn this town into an inviting destination for new business, whether it be in the shape of further development or boosting tourist numbers.

Prime necessities include the extension of broadband to this area - rapid communication is essential in today’s commercial environment - also the designation of advance serviced sites for industry. A supply of good quality housing and apartments is also a need.

To make Donegal Town a welcoming destination for the tourist requires many things - some of which are possibly contained in the developments planned for Drimlonagher and Revlin - including cinema, theatre, additional car parking, cosmetic makeover of the Diamond and Summertime town-centre entertainment, roofing rest of Castle, wet weather recreational facilities, improved town walks, better care of certain historical sites e.g old Abbey graveyard, further development of Railway Centre to include train rides and, with the potential of a clean bay, water sports.

Donegal Town is improving, but still has a distance to go. However with a full time executive officer now in place, complemented by the committee of the Community Chamber and the FAS workers, structures are gradually being put in place to advance the town in an orderly and beneficial way.

Zoe Graduates

Zoe Morrow, Old Road, Mountcharles, who graduated recently from University of Limerick with a first class honours degree in Applied Languages. Zoe is a former student of Inver National School and the Abbey Vocational School, Donegal Town.

Johnny holds watching brief

Legal bigwigs exit the courthouse on the first day of the Morris Tribunal sitting in Donegal Town - among them our man, Johnny Murphy. The Tribunal continues in town all this week, before switching to Dublin to recommence hearings that are forecast to last two years.

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