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January 8th 2003

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Working off Christmas excesses - St. Stephen’s Day family walk to Ashdoon Falls led by Bluestack Ramblers.

Stop this madness

Let’s put this one down on paper to see if we can understand. North Korea admits it has all the ingredients to create weapons of mass destruction. It is one of the countries designated by President Bush as making up an axis of evil. Yet North Korea is not in danger of being attacked by the Yanks. On the other hand there is no evidence of any dangerous weapon sites in Iraq, its leaders say they are clean, yet Dubya is all set to waste this country. Why? Well there are two reasons. First, North Korea would stand up to the superpower - it has over one million personnel in uniform who are prepared to fight to the end, as the Yanks found out in Vietnam. This would not suit Mr. Bush, he needs an easy target, a quick victory over people weakened and dispirited after years of sanctions. Secondly, North Korea does not have oil. Full stop. Need we say more!
An article by Colum McCann from New York in last Saturday’s Irish Independent confirms that U.S. citizens themselves are having second thoughts about a war against Iraq. Part of it says “The tide has shifted. The word ‘War’ has an increasingly troubled ring for Americans epitiomised to a large extent by the protest lobby that has started to build’.

Maybe there is still hope - but only if President Bush is prepared to listen to his own people and take cognisance of world opinion.

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