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March 26th 2003

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A Cautionary Verse to ‘Dubya

At the end of the fight
is a tombstone white
With the name of the late deceased,
And the epitaph drear
‘A fool lies here
Who tried to hassle The East.’



A quick response by Gardai and Sub-Aqua personnel saw the apprehension of a youth who, having stolen a boat from the far pier, proceeded to sail it down the bay. The alarm was raised when a resident on the Old Golf Course Road spotted the boat stuck on a sandbank at 6.30am. on a recent Saturday, with the occupant frantically trying to free it. A call to Joe McLaughlin in the Garda Station led to Sub-Aqua being alerted. In the meantime, the marooned sailor had given up his efforts to re-float the dingy and was attempting to wade to safety across the channel towards Revlin. But, to the horror of the onlooker, the lad was soon out of his depth and the water over his head. Another call to the guards confirmed that Sub-Aqua was on its way. In the meantime, with a struggle, the lad made it back to the sandbank only to immediately enter the channel on the Golf Course side. By this time, sub-aqua was on the scene and as the soaked beraggled youth reached shore, Martin McGee was there to take him in hand and lead him back to the big pier where Gardai were waiting. Well done to the rescue and security services for a rapid response to what could have been another tragic situation - not forgetting Billy Bustard who quickly headed the waterbus down the bay. A lucky escape for the heavily intoxicated youth, who later spent most of the day in the Garda Station, coughing up a sizable sum of money, before being released on the Saturday evening.

Jerome revives Donegal Planning Controversy on National TV

Planning in Co. Donegal raised its head again when the lead story on TV3, Wednesday 12th March, resurrected questions relating to a development near Malin Head on the Inishowen Peninsula. Reporter Jerome Hughes interviewed a local landowner, James Doherty, who claimed that he had sold land in the area for a nominal price to developer Michael Kelly, having been told that he would not receive planning permission for it. Subsequently the purchaser received permission for four houses. The report also drew attention to the fact that Mr. Kelly and the chief planning officer also had houses in the area.
Former chief planning officer Gerard Convie, interviewed by Jerome, called for a sworn inquiry into the planning process in Donegal, a call that could reactivate the whole planning controversy, initially raised by reporter Daniel Browne, in a series of articles in the Donegal Democrat last Summer. However, under threat of legal action by Co. Manager, Michael McLoone, the newspaper discontinued its investigation.
Talking to Donegal Times, Michael Kelly said that the whole transaction was transparent and above board. Mr. Kelly claimed he had never sought to purchase - that it was Mr. Doherty who approached him and asked if he was interested in acquiring the piece of land in question, 3.5 acres - not 9 acres as was reported in local media. Mr. Kelly said he would welcome an enquiry as he was ‘fed-up’ with false insinuations and accusations. “Indeed” said Mr. Kelly “it was Gerry Convie himself, as senior planner with Donegal County Council, who signed off on the planning permission in question.”

Harvey’s Point goes ‘Off the Rails'

Mary will be well prepared for the next time ‘she puts her foot in it’
with this pair of wellies from Source.

All the beautiful people were at Harvey’s Point on Thursday March 20th where the best of European and Irish fashion was on display, modelled by the cream of local talent. The Lough Eske hostelry was a fitting setting for such a glittering occasion, with tables arranged to enable models mingle throughout the room, allowing guests get a close-up of the range of garments and accessories on display. From funky trouser suits to the little black number for the special occasion, all were from the range at Source Fashion House on the Diamond.
The evening commenced with Terri Higgins from Champagne Promotions, Dublin, introducing the two celebrities who were to be made over on the night, Minister Mary Coughlan and Sian Breslin, Community and Enterprise Officer. These two ladies were then whisked away to get transformed by Judy McGloin, Senior Cosmetic and Colour Analyst at Begley’s Pharmacy.
Following a tasty buffet, much enjoyed by the capacity audience, the fashion show commenced. Models shimmied and twirled through the room - the fashion-conscious audience appreciating the array of styles and colours on show. Indeed compere Terri Higgins commented that, although she lives in the fashion capital of Ireland, the range and array of garments on display in Donegal could match Dublin any day. Her eye was especially caught by Minister Mary’s designer ‘Wellies’, well caught by our photographer Margaret Gallagher in the picture alongside.
Towards the end of the evening, our two make-over celebs returned, totally transformed, looking fresh and radiant, to model three specially selected outfits.
A great night, with the mix of food, fashion and music by the Tirconaill Tenors, a big success. Well done to organisers Stella McGroarty and Madeline Begley aided by Ruth Graham and Deirdre McGloin.

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