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November 12th 2003

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Butcher Boy to run for Council

Donegal Times has learned that the Community Chamber proposes to enter an independent candidate in the forthcoming County Council elections. Worried by what it perceives as lack of representation for the town at Council level, the executive has approached Mayor Ernan McGettigan, who has agreed to allow his name go forward. When contacted by the Times, Mr. McGettigan declined to comment.

Sewage Scheme Going to Plan’ - Council engineer
According to a Council Spokesman, 95% of phase two of the Donegal Town Sewage Scheme is completed, with the remaining 5% due to be wrapped up in the next few months. Said John Hegarty, resident engineer, “the second phase is substantially completed, there has been some additional work but it has all fallen into place within our time schedule and budget. Everybody has been very co-operative - people are seeing improvements - everything left better than found. The Mountcharles road is next to be re-surfaced”. Asked about the change of route for the pipe entering the bay, John said this was due to archaeological advice. He also said that there was no extra flow of sewage entering the bay.

Phonsie Stabbed in back by Party Colleagues!
Phonsie Travers discovered, obviously for the first time, something about Ballyshannon that all the rest of us around south Donegal have always known. Shafted by his Fine Gael colleagues when he attempted to secure that party’s nomination for next year’s County Council elections, Phonsie remarked “I would have expected the votes of my own branch. I am 32 years with the Ballyshannon branch of Fine Gael and a Town Commissioner for 19 years. With that background, I would have been confident - but some of the people who encouraged me, didn’t actually vote for me - they turned their backs against me”.
The only amazing thing is that Phonsie could be so long around the Erne town and still be surprised at this!

Fine Gael prepares

for convention

Things are hotting up in the Fine Gael party as it prepares for convention in the Ringfort Inn next Saturday November 15th. As the candidates reflect on the response of their seperate canvas of delegates during the week, it is hard to imagine that Jimmy, Colm and Joyce will contest against each other. So don’t be surprised if there are one or two late withdrawals. Party infighting will hardly come between these friends.

Billy still packing them in!

Tourist trade still going strong at Waterbus! Although visitors are becoming scarce, Captain Billy still has plenty of people queuing up for trips down the bay - note the beautiful Autumn colours in the background.
Photo: Jason McGarrigle

Two new bookies to open in town

The number of bookies in Donegal Town is about increase by 100% with the arrival in town of national chain Sean Graham and the imminent start-up of local man Jack McGroarty in whose name the following planning application was placed in the Democrat: ‘I, Jack Mc Groarty, am applying to Donegal County Council for permission for change of use from retail unit/drapery shop to turf accountants/bookmarkers premises at The Diamond, Donegal Town, Co. Donegal.’
Sean Graham will open his new 16 screen premises on Quay St, on Friday 14th.

Prominent Developer eyes Mart/Bosco Site
‘All depends on Shareholders’ - Carbin

by Margaret Gallagher

In the next few weeks, a planning request is due to appear in local papers that could change the face of Donegal Town for all time. Bennett Construction is to apply to Donegal Co. Council for a permission on the combined sites presently occupied by the Bosco and Mart. The centerpiece of this application is for the retail element previously proposed for Drumlonagher but refused by An Bord Pleanala.
Initial contact with the executive of the two committees was made some weeks ago and negotiations have been on-going since. Crucial to these being successful is an onus on Bennett to find a new site for the mart within a two mile radius of town, obtain planning - and construction of a new mart building on site. The mart committee is adamant these conditions must be fulfilled before any deal is done as they feel this facility is very important to the farming community of South Donegal, having been in place since 1960. The final decision rests with the shareholders of the mart and, according to a spokesman, if they are not happy with all aspects of the deal, nothing will be done.
Contacted by Donegal Times, Seamus Carbin, Secretary of the Donegal Co-Op Mart, commented “Time is of the essence. Bennett Construction is very keen to proceed, but finding a new site for the mart could be the biggest stumbling block. If the people of Donegal want this development to go ahead, they will have to facilitate the relocation of the existing facility to a new site. Our members will thoroughly investigate every aspect of the proposals before giving the go-ahead.”
Mr. Carbin continued “Bennett Construction seem very keen to assemble this site and bring it forward to planning. The man himself, Christopher Bennett, attended our last meeting and outlined his proposals. Hailing himself from a farming background, he is very sympathetic to this sector.”
So another ingredient in the mix. First Revlin, followed by Drumlonagher, then the car park - and now the Bosco and Mart. As Donegal Times stated in a recent editorial - it is not if development will happen in town - but when - and where?

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