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August 25th 2004

Bush depends on fear factor to win US election

Let us nail our colours to the mast - we believe that George W Bush is the worst president ever to hold office in the United States - and long before it was fashionable for media to trumpet this fact, Donegal Times was laying it down. In October 2002, a full six months before the rape of Iraq, we carried an editorial questioning the man’s sanity - today we have even more reason to do so. Back then, the Times was a voice on its own, a solitary utterance of protest at the actions of a paranoid American administration. Now all main-stream media around the world are using the great virtue of hindsight to say the same. The Times shipped a lot of flak, not least from Irish ex-pats, for having the audicity to criticize Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rumsfield, Rice et al, under whose watch America has changed from the ‘land of the free’ to the land of fear, anxiety and trepidation, states of mind far removed from the vision of Congress in 1776 when the representatives penned into their Decleration of Independence the words ‘All men are created equal..., they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights... Among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’ and continues ‘whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it it the right of the people to alter or abolish it and constitute new government...’.
This is what the citizens of the United States must do.
Of course, the tensions generated by highlighting supposed threats and upping the fear factor, suits a Republican Party hierarchy whose only chance of winning the Presidential election lies in keeping its people on edge. It is hard to believe that George W. could succeed in November - but a populace into whom fear and apprehension has been insidiously instilled, can act in irrational ways. Let us hope reason prevails and that the Texan cowboy is toppled, consigned to take his place in the history books as the most regressive and dangerous president ever to lead the American people.

Price of land around town reaches new high

If figures being bandied about are true, a new level of land price around town has been reached. The recent sale of six acres in the Mullans area is reputed to have achieved circa €700,000 an acre. Of course, this was in the process of putting together a prime site and cannot be taken as a guide to what development land elsewhere locally would attain. Still, it makes the price paid for other holdings in the area appear a bargain. Remember the reaction when the Keeney consortium paid £1.75 million (€2.2m) for the 26 acres at Revlin i.e. about €85,000 an acre. Now four years later, and a couple of hundred metres up the road - it’s €700,000 - Wow!
According to reports reaching the Times office, members of the Bennett camp were not happy with words such as ‘secrecy’ and ‘hush-hush’ appearing in our last issue. But the early breaking of our reporter’s exclusive could have spurred the company to speed up preparations for planning, and proceed without delay in digging test holes.
Whatever the story, it seems the Bennett initiative caught the competition unawares and the Westmeath developer must now be a clear favourite to construct the first, long awaited, retail complex in Donegal Town, in the shape of a Dunnes Stores.
Appropo the article in our last issue, we would like clarify that none of the information used in it came from auctioneer, Keith Anderson.

‘Sex’ Star appears at Ardara Show

‘Sex and the City’ star Sarah Jessica Parker with Martin McHugh, Inver, and girlfriend, Elizabeth Talevski, Australia, at the Ardara Show Photo: Margaret Gallagher

All day sunshine, top exhibits and family attractions, ensures huge attendance goes home happy

Bright sunshine, a surprise visit by Sarah Jessica Parker, star of the TV series Sex and the City, and a record crowd, ensured that the 2004 Ardara Show will be one to remember for many years. The television personality spent much of the afternoon looking at exhibits in the marquee as well as other attractions on the showfield. She was visiting with her actor husband, Matthew Broderick, from their home in Kilcar.

(more photos in print edition of Donegal Times)

Prince Vince, home on holiday with wife Pam, meets up with
old school friend Anthony Timony on the Diamond.

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